1.  Naporedni veznici vezuju dvije slične grupe riječi (npr. imenice, zamjenice, pridjeve, priloge, glagole, sintagme i rečenice). Glavni naporedni veznici su:






as well as 

I like cheese but I don’t like milk.

He came because I invited him.

Do you want to dance or go home?

You and I will finish the job.

He is smart but not brilliant.

The gift is for John as well as Mary. 

2 Dvodjelni veznici

both (…) and (…)

not only (…) but also (…)

either (…) or (…)

neither (…) nor (…)

Both John and Mary will be there later.

He not only asked Robert but also Jane.

Either you do the job or I will.

Neither John nor Mary knew him very well. 

3.  Prilozi koji se ponašaju kao naporedni veznici. Najčešći su: 




in any case



despite that

I have to get up early so I must go now

The legislature passed the law, therefore we must obey it.

I read the paper, meanwhile Mary did the housework

In any case, we lost the game.

I won the bet, otherwise I would have had to wash the dishes.

He is 35 year old but, despite that, he behaves like a child

4 . Zavisni veznici uvode zavisnu rečenicu. Glavni zavisni veznici su:







if, when(ever)

as if

so that


with the

as soon as



in order to

Please tell him that I would love to do it!

The car drove off the road when the driver failed to see the turn.

If only we had the time, we could do so much.

When(ever) I see her, she always looks so happy.

He was walking as if he were drunk.

Will you help me so that I can get to work on time? 

He blew the car’s horn in order to get her attention.

5 Ispuštanje

Nekad se zavisni veznik može potpuno ispustiti.

Please tell him (that) I would love to do it!

If we (only) had the time, we could do so much.

Will you help me so (that) I can get to work on time?

He blew the car’s horn (in order) to get her attention. 

6 Upitne riječi

Upitne riječi what, who, which i how ponašaju se kao zavisni veznici u neupravnim pitanjima:

Then he asked me what time it was.

He wanted to know how much it cost.

John wanted to know which answer was correct.