Prijedlozi kao from, in, about, with, i drugi, su “funkcijske riječi ” i obično pivezuju imenice, glagole, pridjeve i priloge. Obično iza njih idu imenice ili zamjenice: 

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o about He will arrive at about six o’clock.
poslije after He arrived after her.
protiv against He was against the idea.
uz along She went along with the others.
osim apart from Apart from my clothes, I have no possessions.
oko around The bus is due to arrive around 3:00 p.m.
u at I bought it at the bookstore.
prije before Did the chicken come before the egg?
Između between The girl walked between her parents.
by He traveled by train.
tijekom during It rained during our voyage.
za for He asked for a glass of water.
iz from He came from London
ispred in front of He sat in front of the television all day.
u in I found it in the closet.
Unutar inside Her money is inside her purse.
u into The river flows into the sea.
blizu near He lives near the beach.
of He is a friend of mine.
na on He came here on his bicycle.
nasuprot opposite I live opposite the park.
izvan out She went out the door.
iz out of He ran out of the house.
van outside The best beach is outside of town.
pored past They went past here yesterday.
oko (okolo) around (round) He just came around the corner.
kroz through He ran through the water.
do until (till) The party continued until (till) dawn.
do to How do I get to the bus station?
prema toward It gets cold toward evening.
ispod under The book is under the newspaper.
sa with She went with her father.
bez without She arrived without her ticket.