Zamjenica je riječ koja zamjenjuje ili se koristi umjesto imenice ili grupe riječi koje se ponašaju kao imenice. Dijele se na osobne, povratne, neodređene, odnosne i upitne.

Osobne zamjenice

Povratne zamjenice

Neodređene zamjenice

Odnosne zamjenice

Upitne zamjenice

Osobne zamjenice upućuju na određene ljude i dijele se na tri načina:

zamjenice prvog lica —–>          odnose se na govoritelja

zamjenice drugog lica —>          odnose se na slušaoca

zamjenice trećeg lica —–>          odnose se na osobu, mjesto ili stvar o kojoj se govori

I we you he
me us your him
my our yours his
mine ours  she  

Sve osobne zamjenice mogu biti subjekt u rečenici:

I am going shopping.

He took the wrong road.

His car is green.

She is working hard.

Her purse was stolen.

It is a black cat.

Its paw is sore.

We went shopping yesterday.

Our bus is late.

You must always remember to do well.

Your hair is pretty.

They were here last Tuesday.

Their trip was postponed.

Povratne zamjenice rabe se kad se radnja glagola odnosi na subjekt rečenice.

Osobna zamjenica         Povratna zamjenica

I myself
he himself
she herself
it itself
we ourselves
you yourself/yourselves
they themselves

I cut myself yesterday.

I myself don’t like it.

He bought himself a new car.

He himself is responsible.

She cooked herself a wonderful meal.

We bought ourselves a box of chocolates.

You gave yourself quite a shock.

They washed themselves in the river.

You yourself need to be aware.

Neodređene zamjenice mogu se zamijeniti imenicom, ali ne određuju točno ono na što se odnose:

One should always be careful with fire.

There were only three of them, you see.

Some people just never understand.

They have only themselves to blame.

Anyone can do that.

Somebody should tell them.

Someone should say something.

Česte neodređene zamjenice

much little several one
each all many any
most more neither nobody
no one nothing something other
both some everybody none
anyone others either another
anything few anybody everything
somebody someone everybody  

Odnosne zamjenice uvode zavisnu rečenicu. Odnose se na imenicu, zamjenicu ili rečenicu ispred sebe i daju dodatnu informaciju. Najčešće odnosne zamjenice su:






He was the one who did it.

The clothes which are hanging on the line are nearly dry

The car that just passed was speeding.

She is the person to whom you must speak.

He was the one whose fingers slipped.

Osobne (za ljude)         Neosobne (zastvari)

who     which

whose  what

Upitne zamjenice rabe se u pitanjima. Obično su u jednini, ali često idu uz množinu glagola to be ako je iza imenica u množini:

Who is coming today?

What did you say?

Whose coat is this?

Who can I ask?

Which one do you want?

Who are your friends?

What is the reason?