the book

the idea

the woman

the man

the newspaper

the boy

the girl

the glass

the law

the lion

the lioness

the country

the street

the state

the table

the train

the car

the glass

the cup

the meal

the dog

the cat

the room

the house 

Engleski neodređeni član ima oblik a — koji se koristi kad je iza neodređenog člana riječ koja počinje konsonantom. Kad je iza neodređenog člana riječ na vokal (a, e, i, o, or u), a se mijenja u an:

a book

a man

a woman

a car

a library

a street

a house

a table

a door 

an article

an apple

an application

an edge

an eagle

an egg

an historic (exception)

an idea

an indication

an index

an opal

an option

an opinion

an umbrella

an ungrateful son 

U engleskom pokazne zamjenice (zvane i pokaznim članovima) su:










Pokazne zamjenice idu ispred imenice na koju se odnose:

this man

this magazine

that woman

that book

each person

every article

some folk

many people

such details

all men

which side

Posvojne zamjenice (zvane i posvojnim članovima) tvore se od osobnih zamjenica:

Osobna zamjenica         Posvojna zamjenica

I mine
he his
she her
it its
we our
you your
they their

That coat is mine.

That is his bicycle.

This is her book.

Its outcome is certain.

Our house is painted green.

Your bus is late.

They put their coats on before going outside.